Utkal Automobiles Ltd.,
Adityapur Industrial Area, Adityapur Kandra Road,
Jamshedpur - 832109, India.


Dealership locations (Main Cities) - Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Barbil & Behrampur.
Utkal has been a dealer for Mahindra products since 1978, spanning a time of 35 years. In the beginning sales were mostly concentrated in Government departments who have always bought a lot of products from us due to our excellent liasoning and goodwill. The major buyers were and still are the Police department and the Child and Woman department. Competitors are amazed at the stranglehold we have established with the police department who buy vehicles from us every year even in the onslaught of tougher competitors these days.

However, over the years, we have worked hard to establish the presence of Mahindra vehicles in the mainstream market and this is where our phenomenal growth year after year has come form. We have grown from selling a modest 500 vehicles in 1997-98 to selling a record 5000 vehicles (including Scorpio) in 2012-13, representing a growth of 900 % in 15 years.

Utkal was awarded the much coveted Hyundai dealership for Orissa from day one of its operations in India. We have grown appreciably and helped establish Hyundai with a strong state wise presence and market share.

Utkal has been a Yamaha dealer since 1975 and has a network spanning 4 branches in Orissa. Current Sales are to the level of 2000 motorcycles p.a.

Our latest foray into commercial vehicles has been of to a slow but steady start.

The ability and willingness to change with the times, proper and timely investment in manpower, facilities and systems, and an aggressive marketing approach have been the key reasons that contributed to our success.

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